Why is the mine Pet Platter named "mine"?

The mine Pet Platter is called "mine" as a reminder of who mealtime is all about: our pets! Over time, feeding our pets has increasingly been driven by what's convenient and intuitive to their human owners. That's changing as more and more Pet Parents are returning to feeding their dogs and cats foods that are more natural. The Original mine Pet Platter extends the benefits of any pet diet by tapping into a pet's natural instincts and making sure every pet enjoys the ultimate natural feeding experience.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do, We currently wholesale to independent and chain-store retail shops across the United States. Please email info@minepetplatter.com for more information.

What is the mine Pet Platter made of?

The mine Pet Platter is made of cellulose fiber, the most common organic molecule on earth. It is food safe, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.  The cellulose fiber is from trees grown in sustainable U.S. forests. The mine Pet Platter is incredibly strong, and is completely recyclable. Only the best for your pet… and the earth!

What foods work best with the mine Pet Platter?

The mine Pet Platter is perfect for all types of foods and diets: Homemade recipes, kibble, canned, dehydrated, raw, frozen, fresh and spreadable treats like yogurt or peanut butter. Be sure to fill the “scoops and trails” for a long-lasting eating adventure!

How to use the mine Pet Platter?

The mine Pet Platter is designed for preparation and serving of any food your pet loves to eat. Just scoop, spread, pour, mix – and because it is knife friendly you can cut or slice right on the platter – and serve.  

What if my pet eats too fast?

The mine Pet Platter naturally slows the eating process. Pets will engage their foraging instincts as they hunt through their meal and savor each bite. Plus your dog or cat will be more relaxed because they can see around their feeding territory.

My pet is a finicky eater.  Will the mine Pet Platter work for them?

We’ve heard from many pet owners that the mine Pet Platter has helped picky eaters to re-engage with mealtime.  The mine Pet Platter is designed to make eating a more natural and fun experience.

What’s the significance of the mine Pet Platter colors?

Did you know there are certain colors dogs and cats see best? It’s true! The mine Pet Platter colors were selected because they are the most distinct in your pet’s eyes.  

What are the small white flakes that appear on the mine Pet Platter?

Small light flecks may be visible. It is due to the occasional appearance of cellulose fibers - the sustainable material that makes The Original mine Pet Platter super strong and super special,

Can I use the mine Pet Platter for pet meal prep?

The mine Pet Platter is designed for preparation and serving of any food your pet loves to eat. Just scoop, spread, pour, or mix. And because it is knife friendly, you can unleash your Inner Chef and slice and dice right on the platter.

How do I clean the mine Pet Platter?

Clean up is easy! The mine Pet Platter is dishwasher safe and is designed tough to last a lifetime. Remember to wash the mine Pet Platter before its first use.

What if there are multiple pets in the home?

Each pet should have his/her own mine Pet Platter. It is instinctively important to your pet that they can take ownership of the mine Pet Platter as their own personal feeding territory. That’s why the platters come in colors that are discernible to dogs and cats so they can easily identify their own platter.

The item I want is out of stock.  When will it be available?

If you would like to be notified when out of stock items become available please email info@minepetplatter.com. We will notify you when products become available.