Our Pet Project

We’d do anything to make sure “Pip”, our beloved Havanese dog, enjoyed and benefited from her meals. One evening after preparing her favorite chicken dinner, we put the cutting board full of bits and juices on the floor as a special treat. 

Pip’s natural instincts immediately kicked in!  And she spent the next 15 minutes sniffing, licking, exploring and walking around the board until every speck was consumed—ending with licks of satisfaction and a wagging tail.  Eureka!

Like a lot of Pet Parents, we had spent a great deal of time and money on what we fed Pip, but we hadn’t given equal attention to how we fed her. 

We were on a mission. Using our backgrounds in design and research, we developed a prototype based on an understanding of natural eating dynamics of cats and dogs as well as current pet meal preparation trends. 

The result is The Original mine Pet Platter—with its indentations, crevices and curves that encourage pets to unleash instinctive, healthier eating behaviors and engage their minds in a way that is both entertaining and psychologically rewarding. 

We shared the platter with family and friends. Similar success. Word spread and soon there was a small tail-wagging army eating and benefiting from the platter.

We worked tirelessly for three years with our material and manufacturing partners in the U.S. At long last, we’re ready to share the The Original mine Pet Platter nationwide!

Bob and Carol