What Pet Care Professionals are saying...

As a veterinarian, one of the most frequent questions pet parents ask me is what they should feed their pets. The Original mine Pet Platter has become an important part of my nutrition discussion for preventing the health dangers of rapid eating. 

The Pet Platter is a great way to promote the instinctive feeding behaviors that can help to extend the benefits of any pet diet. I’m impressed by the thorough research-based design and the dedication to making the platter durable, safe, and easy to use.

I’m currently using the Pet Platter at home with my dogs Fredo, Loza and Sadie. I see firsthand how the platter promotes a healthier eating environment that is both physically and psychologically rewarding.

Veterinarian + Fredo, Loza and Sadie

Most pets eat straight from a bowl, and this behavior doesn’t come anywhere close to imitating how these animals would eat in the “wild”. Pets need enrichment, and the Pet Platter offers them an opportunity to enjoy the eating process without rushing through it. I tried the Platter for my own dog, Kavi, and he now thoroughly looks forward to eating from it. He patiently eats and licks every morsel from the Platter, which allows him to eat slowly and ultimately leads to a more satisfying meal.

Veterinarian + Kavi

I’ve used the Pet Platter with several of my pet patients and have had success. Oskee is on medication for anxiety, but he seems very relaxed with The Pet Platter. Bob, a cat that usually eats his food very fast and will sometime vomit after eating, takes his time with the food and enjoys every bite. His owner says that he is never this relaxed when he eats.

Animal Behavior Technician + Oskee + Bob

The Original mine Pet Platter not only mimics habits that are natural and instinctive to our carnivorous friends, it is opening up our eyes to the importance of the feeding experience lacking in typical domesticated lifestyles. As dutiful pet parents, my clients are always asking my advice on natural, healthy meals and treats, eager to ensure they are feeding their loved ones the best diet possible. We are all becoming increasingly invested in what we feed but HOW we present all of that time, effort, money and good intent has left much to be desired in the eyes of its recipient. The Original mine Pet Platter is filling that void with an attractive, user friendly product focused entirely around the needs of its four legged consumer. I am beyond thrilled to share this innovative game changer with fellow pet parents and watch them beam with pride knowing they have provided a critical aspect of health and wellness for their pets.

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What Pet Parents are saying…

Dexter has been using the platter for two weeks and it’s been a great way to get him to eat his food in a slower, less greedy manner. He’s a Boston terrier so swallows a lot of air with his food naturally but I found with the slower eating he swallows less air and has less issues with gas. At first he wasn’t really sure what to do with it but it but now stands by it every time it’s getting close to feeding and he seems to enjoy figuring out the different ways to pick up the kibble. 

This was by far the best way to feed peanut butter. It took him ages to get it all off! I’ve used various feeding toys in the past but he gets through it in no time at all. This had him working hard for his treat and almost more like a game. If anyone has a dog with issues around eating too fast or is just looking for a new way to feed their pup I’d definitely recommend. 

Pet Parent + Dexter (Boston Terrier)

Daisy, my Pit Bull Terrier, seemed surprised and intrigued when I set the platters down in front of her. She immediately began working the entire platter, picking bits of food from here and there. Having the food spread out and worked into the recesses of the platter has helped to slow her eating considerably. It takes her nearly twice as long to consume her entire meal compared to a traditional bowl. I am also very pleased with the construction and the non-toxic and dishwasher safe material. 

Pet Parent + Daisy (Pit Bull Terrier)

"My name is Miss Muffy. I’m an independent, cute, self-centered little black pug, who is very interested in eating.  The other week, Mom & Dad came home with an Original mine Pet Platter for my food. I’m used to a bowl and have in the past taken great pride in trying to set new world eating records for consuming everything in sight in record time...grunting and snorting during the process. Mom & Dad always claimed that I would never get a second date given my table manners. 

I really like the Pet Platter. I now savor my food. Takes me more than twice as long to woof it down (we may even be talking three/four times as long). I grunt/snort less, no longer belch and return back to lick the little dimples in the board and check to see that I got it all. It’s turned out to be just a more civilized way of conducting yourself at the doggie table. Plus, I think that bulldog down the street might just be inclined to ask me out on a second date."

Pet Parent + Miss Muffy (Pug)

Milo is a picky eater. It’s been a struggle to get him to eat on a regular schedule. We’d taken to lacing each meal with new and interesting food items in order to get his interest. The Original Mine Pet Platter has eliminated our mealtime struggle.  Once the platter is placed on the floor, Milo goes to work—eating on time and at a steady, easy pace. He really enjoys licking up every last bit and often continues to lick long after the food is gone.  Now when he hears the platter being placed on the counter, he comes running. 

Pet Parent + Milo (Jack Russel mix)

Lewis is eating more slowly with the Pet Platter. He licks around the entire platter to make sure he’s got everything. I think he enjoys the challenge. I caught him going back to check on it later to see if there was anything else there…probably because we also use it for peanut butter and other treats. And I love that it can go in the dishwasher.

Pet Parent + Lewis (Ridgeback mix)

The Pet Platter has slowed down my dog’s eating.  He usually gulps his food.  It also provided some challenges to him so I think it offers him some good mental exercise. I like the fact that the materials are safe and that the product is made in the United States.

Pet Parent + Blue (Golden Retriever)

Our rescue dogs, Gizmo and Tripp, are wonderful dogs and very docile (when it’s not time to feed them).  Feeding time is typically frenzied as the dogs rush through eating fearful that the other was going to steal the food.  I would feed them in separate rooms and put myself on “food patrol” to make sure both were able to eat.  I recently started using the new Pet Platters, and I’m pleased to report that I no longer need to do this!  I spread their food over the platters, and they actually stay in one spot and eat off their own dish.  They no longer fight which makes “feeding time at the zoo” not so “zoo-like”!

Pet Parent + Gizmo and Tripp (Black Lab/German Shepherd mix and Bloodhound)

Our 9-year-old dog Chewie likes eating off the platter. In the past he always took his kibbles to the rug and ate there, but with the platter he stays and eats right off it.  So it does make our rug cleaner! 

Pet Parent + Chewie (Chihuahua)

When we pick up Sam’s Pet Platter, he starts whining and crying. He turns in circles waiting for his food to be spread around the platter. This morning he barked at me while I was preparing his breakfast. He follows me to “his eating spot” and starts eating as soon as his tray is on the floor. Sam hovers over his platter and sometimes pushes it around to make sure he has eaten everything. He often places a paw on it while eating. Once he is done, he will later revisit the tray for a couple more licks to see if anything is left. He seems to enjoy eating off the platter more than out of his bowl. He seems to “savor” his meal and enjoy it rather than rushing to finish it out of his bowl. The platter is a definite hit with our 15-year-old dog! 

Pet Parent + Sam  (German Shepherd mix)

Xavi loves the Pet Platter! He very much enjoys being able to walk all over it and doing turns looking for the perfect bite. Yuki likes it better than the bowl because it’s bigger and it gives her a chance to “hunt” her pebbles. I used mostly dry food on the Pet Platter but at times added peanut butter on it to entertain my puppies. And when Yuki is having a rough day and wouldn’t eat, I also spread plain Greek yogurt around the platter. She loved it!

Pet Parent + Yuki and Xavi (Shih Tzu/Terrier and Pomeranian)

Both of our dogs have very sensitive stomachs, serious eating issues and are on very strict diets. Chewy used to gob down his food, then throw it up and eat it again, since going to the pet platter, he now takes his time, and we haven’t seen him throw up. Yoda typically whatever he eats he throws up, (sometimes 5-6 times a day), we have to be extremely careful with treats for him, since using the pet platter he takes his time, seems to enjoy his food more, and much less vomiting. 

Pet Parent + Chewy and Yoda (Sable Pomeranian and Teacup Pomeranian)

Our dog can be very food aggressive. If someone gets too close to him when he is eating, he will snap at the person. When he eats from the pet platter, he hasn't snapped at all. He seems to be much more relaxed when he is eating from the platter as opposed to a traditional bowl where he is much more tense and can get aggressive. He also usually scarfs down his food within a minute but with the pet platter he is forced to eat much slower. Now, it probably takes him about 5 mins to eat. I don't know what it is, but the pet platter certainly makes dinner hour for Ted less stressful because his behavior has changed- he is less aggressive and eats slowly now.

Pet Parent + Ted (Welsh Terrier)

Well, talk about a difference! We thought Max, our 11 year old Havanese, was eating just fine in his doggie bowls but as our beloved family dog is approaching his later golden years we wanted to ensure Max was doing better than fine and would be around for years to come. That's when we really started to take a look at his overall health and we came across the mine pet platter. It was the first time we've seen Max enjoy his entire meal, playing with his food, and slowly enjoying his meal rather than gulping it down quickly and then coughing and choking it up. Since the mine pet platter, Max has not coughed up any of his food and finishes a meal with more energy, quickly moving on to grab his toys, and being the playful dog we know. Max walks around with a resurgence in his step and I can only thank the mine platter for bringing back the youthful Max our family has grown to love. 

Pet Parent + Max (Havanese)

Slowed down her eating—stopped her coughing/ gagging/ choking—slowed tremendously.  She is interested in searching for the different types of foods.  She sniffs out and nibbles here and there.  She’s looking around to discover what else is there.  She moves her head and neck around to see what’s there.  She is happier because it is more entertaining.  No longer drops food or drools on floor.  Before would just go to the bowl and eat her food and leave.

Pet Parent + Winnie (Cocopoo)